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Ultrasonic lace machine 100

Trimming: unilateral resection, and the melting side effect, so smooth, no rough edges, no edges, meet the quality requirements. Lou hole: a variety of cut and pattern of holes, and treatment of side melting. Transfer printing: the cited paper or foil paper to transfer material. Welding: welding with two-story or multi-layer material, instead of sewing and needle-free wireless weld strength. Open bar: the material for single piece or cut of the same time to open, and treatment of side melting without flash. Shape: round flower patterns at the same time as cutting pipes, holes, seal, is the product of a shape.


Ultrasonic lace machine Suitable materials:
All kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, all kinds of artificial leathers, non-woven cloths, polyester wadding, thermoplastic film, chemical plastic sheet We can provide you with molds and accessories.


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